Participants of Flock are immersed in a psychedelic live theatre experience led by surreal bird performers before
they step out of the nest and into the untethered virtual world of this location-based, multi-user virtual reality
experience. In Flock, participants are surrounded by a kaleidoscopic world of wonder, colorful birds (other
participants), and bugs unlike anything they have ever seen. During their adventure, they eat these enchanting insects, interact with the other birds, and explore the limitless expanse of this world. Participant’s exploration finishes back in the real world, where they engage in a closing experience to accept the passing of their flock and the creation of a new flock. A soundtrack blending both the virtual and the actual accompanies all who partake in this

Cagebirds was part of IN OUR WORDS' response to the new political landscape. Our production was directed by Kayla Friend in a very realistic and sobering manner; our setting was a domestic violence shelter...the year is 2020, three years into the Trump administration. The production explored the narratives of the women in the shelter as they encountered a new person to the community.

Adonis Memories is an immersive play that shares stories from patrons of the famed Adonis gay porn movie theater that was a Midtown Manhattan landmark from the 70s-90s.

Adonis is a fusion of first-person accounts and poetry about living and dying in the age of the Adonis, a long since closed gay porn movie theatre in Manhattan. The play also explores HIV/AIDS in a broader sense in pre and post PrEP worlds. (PrEP stands for Pre-exposure prophylaxis, an FDA approved HIV prevention medication.)


Adonis had a workshop production in the Spring of 2016 and two readings in 2015.

Can We Come to the Table? weaves together stories from our LGBTQ and HIV/AIDS collections. It has been performed as a one act and full length play. Past performances include two national tours. Recent performances include Judson Memorial Church (NYC) and Francis Marion University (Florence, SC). An upcoming performance will be in the fall of 2017 at the South Carolina Theatre Association annual conference.


MASS INCARCERATION - A research project exploring the impact of marijuana related crimes on people in the criminal justice system.

CRISIS - Threading stories from our Student Loan Collection into a full production.

THE PIERS - An immersive production sharing stories from the Christopher Street Piers in Manhattan of the 70s-80s.



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