From the 1970s to the 1980s the derelict piers near the Christopher Street area in Manhattan were a playground for newly liberated gay men and other men who came there under the cloak of anonymity. People gathered there to sunbathe or engage in sexual encounters. They came there to paint murals or do performance art. They used the piers as a place to express themselves in ways that were not accepted in mainstream society.


IN OUR WORDS is collecting stories and memories from people about their time at The Piers. You can share a brief paragraph or as much as you like as you answer the questions below. You can fill out your name and email or remain anonymous - whatever is more comfortable for you.


How we'll be using the stories:

We'll be doing a performance of selected stories. Stories may also be in a printed anthology of stories from this era.


Thank you for sharing your story and for helping us preserve this important queer history!

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